Student Project Resources

Resources for “Unessay” Term Projects and Professional Development

The following include resources for projects that are “beyond the seminar paper.” These guidelines and examples have been compiled to help you design a project where you can show your outreach skills.

Create Teaching Modules

Next Generation Science Standards

Examples of Quality Science Lessons and Units via NGSS

Unit on northwestern Indiana glaciation, part of the Kankakee Paleo project

Science Education Resource Center
Download hundreds of ready-to-use teaching modules and upload or host your own. Earth science is a particular specialty.

Design and deliver a TEDx talk

TEDx Outline Script

Every TED talk ever, in one brutal parody” Fast Company, 2016.

Write and deliver an academic talk

Boudrias et al., 2011. “How to give a good presentation.

Edwards, P. (copyright 1998-2004). “How to give an academic talk: changing the culture of speaking in the humanities”

Gilson Lab, University of California – San Diego. “Preparing and Delivering a Seminar


Suitter, Ashley, 2011. “Societal Implications of Industrial Emissions Preserved in Global Ice Archive.” Climate Change Institute, Univ Maine.
great example of a podcast script

Kinkaid, Emard, and Senanayake, 2020. The Podcast-as-Method? Critical Reflections on Using Podcasts to Produce Geographic Knowledge. Geographic Review 110, 78-91.

Student projects from Dr. Nerve Macaspac’s Urban Geography course at CUNY Staten Island. Navigate to different projects with the menu in the upper left, and listen to podcasts on SoundCloud.

Designing Interactive Posters

Morrison, M. “A Better Scientific Poster.” Center for Open Science. [Video]

Video Editing

Siegchrist, 2019. “The Beginner’s Guide to Video Editing Tools

Creating Virtual Reality Media Galleries

artsteps from Dataverse Ltd.