Photo: Britten Leigh Photography

My name is Katherine Glover, and I’m a geoscientist interested in climate and landscape change. I earned my Ph.D. in Geography from UCLA in December 2016. My love of landscapes stems from hiking and backpacking since childhood. I conduct research and teach across the fields of geography, earth science, and ecology.

My work aims to understand the processes that shaped landscapes in the past, and how this can inform future scenarios of change. I have largely used the physical and biological deposits in lake cores to develop long-term histories of environmental change. I’ve recovered and analyzed cores throughout North America, including the mountains of Southern California, the Upper Midwest, Ontario, and Alberta. Details and publications on these projects are available on my Research page.

I’m also interested in human impact on landscapes at shorter, more modern timescales. In particular, what changes to forests may occur alongside projections of 21st century climate change? How does energy resource extraction impact ecosystems and local communities? Geospatial analysis and dynamic vegetation modeling are approaches I use in these investigations.

I am currently an Associate at the Climate Change Institute, University of Maine and part of the La Brea Food Webs project. I also teach courses in geoscience and ecology for Lehigh University.


Baldwin Lake, August 2012

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