Photo: Britten Leigh Photography

My name is Katie Glover, and I’m interested in the impacts of climate change on our planet and society. I am a National Geographic Explorer and affiliated with the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine for my academic work. I also provide grant writing services for Climate Finance Solutions.

In my research, I seek to understand how climate change, vegetation structure, and disturbance interact in terrestrial ecosystems. I have used the physical and biological deposits in lake cores and botanical material in museum collections to develop these long-term histories. North American regions where I have worked include the mountains of Southern California, the Upper Midwest, Ontario, Alberta, and northern New England. Details and publications on these projects are available on my Research page. Knowing what has driven ecosystem change in the past can help us understand future scenarios of change on a warming planet.

As an educator, I empower students to apply knowledge of the physical world around them to their work and lived experience. I have designed and taught natural science courses for high school, undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. I currently oversee the design and implementation of new professional training in climate change for CCI, with recent pilot programming for K-12 teachers.


Baldwin Lake, August 2012

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